Realme Buds Air Affordable ‘True Wireless’ earbuds for the masses


Realme launched its first pair of “True Wireless” earbuds with the Realme X2 smartphone. The company also showcased all the new features that it has added to Realme Buds Air. Realme has taken yet another step, continuing its push in the smartphone accessory market.

Earlier, the company launched several audio products. These include the neckband form Realme Buds Wireless, Realme Buds 2 and the original Realme Buds.

Realme Buds Air is available for Rs 3,999. You can buy it from Flipkart and With the launch, the company also joins a number of local and Chinese companies seeking to provide a truly wireless experience.

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The company claims to give a total battery life of 17 hours. The charging case also supports wireless charging, not those offered by others in this price segment. But how does it differ from its rivals? Come find out in our review of Realme Buds Air.

Specifications and Features

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Before we talk about device design, performance, and battery backup, let’s talk about pure specifications. Wireless buds come with custom R1 chip and Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity. It adds many important features to the wearable, including “super low latency” for gaming, and more.

The R1 chip can reduce audio latency by almost half. It also claims to come up with a dynamic bass boost solution to improve bass reproduction. Realme also claims that wireless earbuds have environmental noise cancellation facilities during calls.

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For information about battery level and connectivity, the company has added an LED indicator at the top of the case. Two other LED lights can also be found with one on the back of each earbud for tactile control. Realme claims that Buds will provide 17 hours of battery backup with the air case.

The bottom of the Buds Air case comes with a USB Type-C port as well as support for 10W wireless charging.

This device also includes features such as instant auto-connect, smart-in-ear detection with optical sensors, and built-in Google Assistant. It is also worth noting that all these features work on both Android and iOS. Realme has made a point to make these features platform agnostic so that they work without any software or app.

After the specifications and features, let’s dive into the review of Realme Buds Air. First, let’s talk about the design of the latest Realme Buds Air.

The earphones sport an arc design such as Apple AirPods. It brings out the best things about the design, as well as lesser than the stellar design of Buds Air’s design. Best things include immediate product recall value with a pure wireless experience. Most of my friends confuse Realme Buds Air for Apple AirPods which is both surprising and a testament to the design effect.

The opposition is likely to find it easy to lose one of the earbuds in crowded places. The rigid plastic design also makes it difficult for Realme Buds Air to be a fit for everyone. It may or may not make them comfortable for you for extended periods.

I found myself constantly checking the buds for a proper fit when traveling in public transport. This is likely because the earbuds sometimes loosen and slip out of my ear after some time of not checking the fit.

In fact, the experience of wearing them on a peak-time local train in crowded areas was something I avoided. Thankfully, the company is currently selling cases to individual buds and buyers who may lose them. Buyers will have to depend on third party goods to make them more suited to their ear shape.

Audio performance: Bass, treble and clarity

Now, pay attention to the audio quality of Realme Buds Air. I tested buds in Netflix shows, movie watching, streaming albums on Spotify, playing Call of Duty to Mobile: and in many situations. Overall, the buds provide an impressive level of sound.

In addition, they also provide an adequate soundstage for good audio reproduction. However, I am ashamed to call them good because there are limitations.

I tested several test tracks to check overall performance and here are my thoughts. Realme Buds Hwa showcased its dynamic range at the SICKO MODE by Travis Scott. However, the extremes present in it decreased, a test by Armin van Buren.

I was delighted with the melodic and melodious vocals presented by composer John Williams from Private Ryan Saving to Hymn to the Fallen. Playing the role of Das Spiegel by The Chemical Brothers, I found that the sound stage is a bit limited with bass, which is not deep.

This was further demonstrated when I played Hurt by Johnny Cash where the bass was not as deep as the vocals. Buds Airs perform quite well for the first generation wireless audio product. However, the company may make some improvements to improve it further in the future.

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