Fingers Audio Pods This AirPods look-alike is impressive

Last week, I reviewed Noise Shots X-Buds, an inexpensive but truly wireless earbud. The device showcased the convenience of true wireless earbuds without pulling the wallet. According to Counterpoint Research, the global market for True Wireless diamonds will reach 120 million units this year.

What began as an alternative to Apple to dig out the 3.5mm audio jack has now become a real consumer device. The report said that Apple’s market share saw a slight decline while Xiaomi increased its growth in this segment. Xiaomi has yet to launch its AirDots in India, with several options.

Noise is one of the leading names, but if you’re looking for an AirPods look-alike, look no further than Fingers Audio Pods. The easiest way to describe Fingers Audio Pods is that it copies Apple AirPods like a mirror. The name Fingers Audio Pods is ineffective, but it delivers where it matters.

It is inexpensive to begin with, has a familiar design (thanks Tim Apple), and a soundstage that seems perfectly tuned to the Indian audience. The question is, should you buy true wireless earbuds, do they provide decent sound and, in the end, will they stay in your ear for a long time? If you have the same question, then read further.

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The design

There is no other way to say it – Fingers copied the AirPods in the best way. Even Steve Jobs believed that “good artists mimic, great artists steal.” So I don’t see anything wrong in this company that mimics Apple’s design. However, what really matters is whether it has managed to copy the execution as well.

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Apple specializes in the marriage of hardware and software unlike any other company in the universe. However, Fingers Audio Pods seem limited in that context. The experience starts with a case that is made of plastic, and is slightly larger than the case for AirPods. The case easily fits in your palm and can also be tucked inside your denim pocket.

But the construction of this case made me worried about sustainability. Attaching the top lid and the case felt jerky. I am sure that opening and closing the case several times can break it.

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The only way to avoid this possibility is to open the lid with some care. Since we are talking about true wireless earbuds here, you will want to open and close these earbuds several times a day. I have been using Fingers Audio Pods for about two weeks now and the case has not given up. But I believe that the future version may be more durable, especially on the joint.

The biggest in this case is the “Fingers” branding, while the rear is home to input and output details. The bottom is home to four LEDs that show the charging status of the case’s earbuds and power reserve. It is equipped with USB Type-C and MicroUSB port for charging.

Yes, Fingers lets you charge with either of the two ports. My biggest gripe was the microUSB port with noise shots X-Buds. Fingers have adopted a smart way to offer both port options. I have not seen any major difference in charging time using either of the two ports.

I have been in situations where I do not have a microUSB cable to charge only the micro device. With Fingers Audio Pods, I don’t have to worry about such a situation. The audio pods have angular earbuds design and slots like the AirPods.

They immediately start charging and the earbuds have LEDs to indicate when they are charging. The only thing they don’t support is quick pairing with compatible devices. Overall, Fingers Audio Pods mimic the design of AirPods with a gaudy case intended to justify the price.

Sound quality

As I wrote in my Noise Shots X-Buds review, true wireless earbuds are not known for great sound quality. In a small package, they have to adjust the audio driver, battery and gesture control. As a result, the final sound quality is only acceptable on these devices.

The Fingers Audio Pods surprised me with a really rich sound. It is all set to listen to Bollywood music, where audio often tries to hit the high end of the note. The bass is not deep, but it is visible. I have never wanted more depth or volume while listening to music on audio pods. The earbuds make a very good seal resulting in decent noise isolation.

These use moving coil conductors, resulting in a high degree of deformation. I heard Bruce Sprinstein’s Dancing in the Dark, which has a heavy melody and it sounded really good.

When I played Lizzo or Carly Rae Jepsen, I could understand the dynamics of his music. When you listen to Arijit Singh or Lucky Ali or Shankar Ehsaan Loy, audio pods start gaining new power. If you listen to a lot of Bollywood music then you should not hesitate to take it.

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