Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Waiting we were, for this Star Wars game

Star Wars has been a franchise that has been very close to my heart. I remember my father taking me to see Star Wars: A New Hope Back in the 90s, and I was fascinated on Lightsabers. And I have followed the series.

Ever since EA’s exclusive rights have been purchased, we have had only two games in the last decade. Until Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released last week.

People were not very happy with the two previous Star Wars games made by EA. So it was like now or never with this new game. I have a chance to play and finish the game, and here is a review of my Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Story and content

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Let’s start by saying that this is definitely the Star Wars game we’ve been waiting for a long time. And EA has definitely come out of its slump with the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It was truly astonishing that Star Wars is at its height with the final film releasing the Skywalker saga next month.

There is also a new TV series by Disney, called The Mandalorian. In addition, a ton of content from other Ton Wars content is coming out. So it was really surprising that there wasn’t a quality Star Wars video game in this time.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows Calle Cestis, the Jedi Padvan at a time after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Chancellor Palpatine changed his disguise to play the role of emperor after the coup of the Republic. They have wiped out their mortal enemies, the Jedi with the infamous ‘Order 66′.

The Jedi have become bandits who have been hunted and are on the verge of extinction.

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The protagonist has managed to survive by hiding his powers and identity, and now works as a scraper. He would soon set out on a journey that would see him go back on his way to the Jedi and fight the hoardings of enemies to try to reestablish the Jedi’s command.

The story is original, and straightforward. The plot of the Folein Order may be simple, but it does not make the game uninterrupted. The story rings true with George Lucas’ children’s approach to Star Wars which is liked by people of all ages.

There are new characters and some familiar ones such as Guerrera. But the real surprise comes at the end of the game, a massive fan service from the developers of Response Entertainment.

Kaal will battle using the dark side of bugs, animals, droids, walkers, various types of storms and the force of enemies. Aap Prime Nemesis is a Dark Inquirer known as the second sister.

Graphics, Music and Cinematics

Graphics and visuals are a department that will leave players in awe. Players will explore different worlds, and each has its own terrain and color scheme which is a treat for the eyes.

The draw distance on these worlds is surprisingly large on the PC giving different details for the game. The visuals are amazing and so are the character descriptions.

But some people may argue that some characters are standing in the atmosphere. There are also some visual bugs here and that are certain. But exploring different worlds in the game is definitely a pleasure.

And the music used in the game takes after the classic Star Wars theme and uses them wisely to mesh with the atmosphere. There is a specific use of the classic Star Wars score produced by John Williams.

Even the effects and various object sounds in the game seem to be on point with the game. Cinematic in the game are made up of characters in the game and are not separate pieces. This suits it with the visuals of the game.

Controls and gameplay

Now the control is that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets a little crooked. The game also seems to have some issue with scaling of battle difficulty. There are different difficulty that players can choose. But one thing is consistent throughout, and that is how to fight hard-hitting scales with different opponents.

One positive thing in this is that the different characters in the game have very different fighting styles. So at one point you might just be thinking about killing Stormtroopers.

But at one point you will come face to face with one, who suffocates you until you are almost out of life. The game may seem difficult initially, but as we progress, Cal picks up more abilities and skills that make things easier.

Overall fight mechanics are quite unique, and the game has definite vibes from Dark Souls and Uncharted. The game itself is not very original, but it takes various aspects of popular games and incorporates those into a good game. The game is once again about its saving system, which can be brutal at times. Each map has certain points where Cal can sit to meditate. Here, he has the option to rest which restores his health.

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