Call of Duty: Modern Warfare More than a match for its namesake

It is rare to come across people who know about video games who have not heard the name Call of Duty. The name rings true as a superior series game when it comes to first-person shooters. Although the series was somewhat lost over time, it is back with a bang.

This time the developer Infinity Ward borrows an iconic name from the past. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a historical game from the year 2007 not only in the series, but also in FPS history. But the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not a remake of the old, but looks like a past for inspiration. I played the game on PC and here is my review.

The Bat of Right, Call of Duty: Modern War scenes are stunning. Texture and lighting are more lifelike than your life, and this brings out the atmosphere as if you were on the ground. From arid desert areas, to mist forests, and the dazzle of civilization, every detail will astound you in details.

And it not only has an atmosphere that has stunning visuals, but also good character and objects. You’ll be able to tell each beard apart, and even the pores on the characters’ skin. Objects and guns gained some visual love and accurately reflected the state of light and the environment.

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On the music of the game, it is composed by Sara Shekner of Assassin’s Creed Origins. She also composed the score for the previous Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare. I may sound a bit biased here, but I’ve been a fan of his work with other sports, and found that he did an equally great job here.

Music will make you realize the situation and make you nervous. During campaign mode the in-game cinematics are built to fit the plot like a tee and nothing seems extra.

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Story and content

Campaign mode lets you choose from three different characters. These include CIA officer Alex, SAS Sergeant Kyle Garrick and Uzbekistan rebel leader Farah Karim. Though not a playable character, SAS Captain John Price is the hero in the game as well as his glory with his mustache.

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Prior to the game’s release, the developers claimed that the game would have hard-hitting sequences (remember the airport massacre sequence from MW2). But the gods explained that this is not to disappoint the players, but to make them think about the consequences of their actions.

I applaud the devs for creating such storylines in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which shows that there is nothing black and white about modern warfare. It is no longer a world war where there is good and bad. It is almost impossible in war today to tell the good except the bad.

The game forces you to make difficult decisions, making things uncomfortable at times. I will not reveal these moments, because I do not want to ruin the experience for anyone. This game has sequences that are not your regular FPS. There is a place where you had to put on night vision goggles and take out an enemy that reminds you of taking out Operation Laden.

Another where you completely control the security cameras and are directing a hostage for security. Whereas in the second you will be controlling a child, so that he will be able to escape and protect the soldiers. This is definitely one of the better plotlines in the Call of Duty series, if not the best.

An equal number of players look forward to the multiplayer mode of the new Call of Duty games, and modern warfare does not disappoint. As usual, there are many multiplayer modes including Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, Headquarters, Cyber ​​Attack (formerly called Search and Destruct) and Domination. It also has a new mode called NVG where players wear night vision goggles and go into battle in a dark area.

There is no visual indicator that means you know if you have downed an enemy or not, it just makes the experience hardcore. The other modes are as impressive as they have always been. There was concern among players that this new game promotes too much camping which is not completely untrue.

I have felt the wrath of those Clemmers, being a hardcore player. But this is not all for multiplayer mode. Of course one would need something to cover their flank to peek from the balcony. Players can unlock new visual content for the game as well as create stripes.

Controls and gameplay

Control of the game is as efficient as they have always been. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has nothing to control. The character is controlled in the same way as the previous game and is very much in line with vehicle control. However in different situations the player will need to be innovative with his control. As for the gameplay bit, it’s not okay if the system’s specs are strong enough.

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