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Despite having a huge and rich product portfolio in China, Xiaomi is focusing on the smartphone space in India. In recent years, the company launched its air purifiers, suitcases, water TDS testers, TVs and routers among other products in India.

A few months ago, Xiaomi introduced its Smart Water Purifier, which it offers as an industry-first DIY water purifier. I will come back to why this is called DIY after a while. But if you are thinking that you need to upgrade the water purifier you are currently using, here is my MI Water Purifier Review.

Since I have been following Xiaomi for years now, I have always been curious about what the company will launch about the next category in India. Although a sleek looking laptop, a robotic floor vacuum cleaner is also part of the list, I was particularly excited about the water purifier. And there is a specific reason for this. I have always been crazy about drinking water in India.

The incidence of water borne diseases, infection and contamination levels varies from one city to another. So when Xiaomi announced the Mi Water Purifier, I knew I had to get my hands on one. I know of family and friends who use different types of water purifiers, including their home. Over the years, I noticed that there is a kind of growth momentum with water pumps and storage.

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Installation of Mi Water Purifier

Once you buy the Mi Water Purifier, a Xiaomi engineer will install the product. This will be the first and last time you will need to interface with a human. Unless, of course, you need to serve a product for some reason. For every other requirement, you can simply use the Mi Home app.

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There are two buttons on the front of the purifier – switch and reset – to turn on and interface with the product. To pair the product with the Mi Home app, you will need to press both buttons simultaneously until you hear a soft sequential beep tone. Add it to the application and it. The next time you want to change the purge cartridge you will need a switch button.

MI Water Purifier Design

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Like its other products in the household category, the Mi Water Purifier has a minimal design language that is not in your kitchen. Since it is plain white without any color, it easily goes on regardless of your kitchen wall as well as your decor. The top part of the product can store up to 7 liters of drinking water, which helps in times of power outages.

Water purification phase

The Mi Water Purifier offers an impressive 5-stage water purification system. Since I live in Mumbai, it is an overkill for my house as I later realized, but there was no way for me to know it. Mainly because Mumbai has cold water with comparatively low levels of TDS.

Things to know before buying a water purifier

I did not understand water purification while growing up. Like other consumer devices, many of those purchases occur for reasons beyond efficiency.

Aspects like deals, brands, advertising play an important role. I agree, I have fallen for those people as well. But while purchasing our last water purifier, I did some research on the level of TDS. I also considered whether I needed a RO purifier for the first time.

In case you need to buy a water purifier system and don’t know where to start, start by measuring the TDS level of your water supply system. Apart from TDS, the second parameter you need to evaluate is taste. If you are in a safe category with TDS and water and taste good, then you are doing fine. The only reason you need it is during an emergency.

The problem here is that you do not know how long the balance remains. There may be an emergency in the supply system, pipes are damaged during road repair and contaminated water. Nevertheless, if your water is not rigid and is within the permissible limit of TDS, you do not need an RO system. Do not let the sales personnel be afraid to buy one. Rule of thumb if something is good, why process it!

Xiaomi has a cheap TDS water tester which should be your first step. Samples of your water supply take yourself away from the suspicion that you may have from any brand.

If the TDS level in your area is above 300ppm, then you have some reason to be worried. Not worried, just worried. There are places where the water system measures about 1000ppm of TDS. The air condition is no different. Delhi has a dangerous level, but it is not excellent in other cities.

Purifier cartridge

Once you open the tray at the front of the water purifier, it reveals three purification cartridges. Each cartridge has a dedicated function. Before storing in the above tank, water flows from each cartridge left to right.

PPC + AC: The first filter cartridge is a polypropylene with activated carbon phase that removes large visible particles such as sand grains.

RO: The second filter stage is a reverse osmosis, where the TDS level is brought down.

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