TrackingFox GPS Tracker for Your Car

TrackingFox GPS Tracker for Your Car is a great way to feel secure about where your vehicle is located at any time. Sure, I wish I had this when my teens were at home! It is so easy for parents nowadays to raise children. (kidding!) – Don’t text me and curse me and tell me how hard it is to raise kids right now – I can’t even imagine the difficulties. I admire you all – it’s scary right now – COVID must be a nightmare for all you parents.

I sure wish I had a TrackingFox GPS when I was a teenager

Honestly, I think a tracker would have put my mind at rest as a parent. Not spying on kids – because I don’t believe in doing that – but if your child isn’t home on time – or somehow they get lost or in trouble – you can get help from them if you have one of these Tracker is .

You can also find out how the operator of the car is driving at any given point – such as how fast can this car travel? Well, if someone is trying to determine how fast your vehicle can go – you can send an alert to your phone.

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I’d love to see this app link up between parent and child via Siri – so you can hop on your Siri and shout, “Slow down,” but alas, it hasn’t happened yet.

Great gift for your parents or friends
I hooked up one of these TrackingFox GPS trackers to my car and let my son know if I ever needed help. I even put the information on my phone. Easy-Peasy — Installed it all automatically in a matter of minutes.

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tracking your business mileage
You can track your mileage through the app. It’s convenient to keep track of business miles and know your mileage for the year on your business car or fleet vehicle. We all liked this tracking system (meaning everyone who uses this device from our office).

It is convenient and easy to install. This is good because you can move this little device between vehicles. So, even if you use another type of tracker, this little device can be moved easily.

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We all liked that you can’t really see this little device—so it’s not noticeable, and it works like a charm.

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