4 Google Search Tricks You Need To Know

4 Google Search Tricks You Need To Know

4 Google Search Tricks You Need To Know See how to find results faster and more assertively

Google is undoubtedly one of the most important technology tools at our disposal. Among its hundreds of services, ranging from email to free online courses, most notable is the internet search engine, which allows you to find the best results for content, images, news, websites, videos and much more. more.

Although Google’s search bar has become an everyday tool, many people don’t know all about its functionality. Here are 4 tips to optimize your Google searches and get the results you want faster:


If you want to find news, editorials and specific content from a single internet portal, type “site:”, then the name of the site you want to access, and finally the term of interest.
Example: website: universia brasil enem 2016
This way you will find all the content about the National High School Exam (Enem) 2016 produced by Universia Brasil.

 Minus sign

When you want to delete a word from your search, simply add the minus sign so that the term doesn’t appear in the results.
Example: Study Tips for Chemistry – Organic
If you want to learn more about Chemistry but are not interested in Organic Chemistry content, for example, use this trick to segment the search.

Three Points

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If you are researching a product to buy on the Internet and want to limit values, use three points in a row. See below:
Example: Textbooks $ 20 … $ 40
This will give you only results in this price range.


When you are looking for a phrase, book title, or movie, but don’t quite remember your full name, use the asterisk instead of words you don’t know.
Example: Memories of a Militia * Summary
Google will understand that you do not remember this word and will search for the term, even if it is incomplete.

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