Best Free Web hosting Without Ads

Best Free Web hosting Without Ads

New Blogger needs a web hosting to get their website on the internet. Most of the new bloggers do not have money to buy web hosting as the web hosting package starts from minimum ₹ 200, so they look for free web hosting.

I will now tell you in this post that how you can get free web hosting and in that web hosting you will get unlimited Storage, unlimited bandwidth and there will be no advertisement.

In this post, I will tell you about the popular free web hosting companies that also provides web hosting and they do not have any advertisement or any other irritating things.

If you do not know what webhosting is and what type of web hosting are, then you can know this by reading the following articles.

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InfinityFree Free Webhosting without ads is a web hosting company that provides website hosting for free. It does not show any kind of advertisement in the hosted website nor does it steal their data.

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Infinity Free provides unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for free. Might be a very good Hosting for a startup.

Infinityfree supports PHP, Apache, Mysql and all other basic things that required to setup a website.

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Free plan comes with unlimited domain Hosting , free cpanel, free ftp supported file manager and many more you can check on official site

They provide free  for life time.

Awardspace Free Web Hosting Without Ads

You can host a website for free in this Awardspace free hosting. This Web Hosting allows you to host like Infinity Free Web Hosting but it has limited features.

In their  Free Plan You can add 4 websites, in which you can add one domin and 3 Subdomains. This company claims 99.99% up time for 24/7 customer support and CMS installer and no ads for free. Hosting

If you want to host just a wordpress based website and not want any advance things like file manger, cpanle, then you can go with freehosting provide only wordpress hosting and can handle 30000 traffic per day.


In this post i told you about free web hosting providers who give good features for free at 0 cost. I will Add More Good Companies In This List In Future.

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