Python programming language have gained immense attention and popularity over the recent years. The reason to love and use python is very simple – simplicity, and the versatile features this wonderful programming language offers to the users. Today we will take a look at the introduction of Python, some of the best features supported by it, and various factors that makes Python different from the plethora of programming languages out there!

What Is Python?

Python is a high-level, dynamic, interpreted and objected oriented programming language, which was developed by Guido Van Rossum. Python is enriched with various useful functions and features to be used.

Python Features

Python gives user the cut they need while programming, by supporting various useful features. These features include:

• Dynamic

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• Object Oriented

• GUI Support

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• Cross-Platform

• Extensible

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• Ease Of Use

• Integrated

• Free to use and Open Source

• Community Support

• Frequent Updates

Why Learn Python?

The reasons to learn python are many, and to not learn are none! Python has become the first choice of developers around the globe, due to its efficiency and versatile features.

• The biggest and leading tech companies including CISCO, IBM, Mozilla, Google, Quora, HP, Dropbox, QUALCOMM etc. are using python owing to its simplicity and elegance.

• Developers prefer using python over the stack of different available in the market due to its emphasis on readability and efficiency.

• Python is the preferred programming language of most Data Scientists, Machine Learners, AI Scientists etc.

• Python is an easy language to learn and master. This is chiefly because of the resemblance of its syntax to the English language. Python’s syntax is characterizes by very few rules and exceptions.

• It’s safe to say that in Python the focus is on what you want to do with the code, not on the language intricacies. Anybody can master python easily.

• Python is pure cross-platform and open source. The same code written in a windows system can be run in Linux or Mac machines with no or minimum changes in the source code.

• Another remarkable thing about python is that it’s supported by decades of Bug-Squashing and Kink-Straightening which ensures that its code works as intended whenever the user runs it.

• Python is supported by PYPI, which has 85,000+ python libraries and modules to the users.

• Python suits all development purposes varying from Web development, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Game development, Desktop Applications and much more.

Python for Web Development

Python offers some well-known frameworks for web developers like Django and Flask. These frameworks can be used in backend development for web based applications with great functionality, efficiency and design.

These frameworks are not only functional, but are also secure and stable. Frameworks like Django provide security against several security misconfigurations in web applications.

Some other popular Web Development Frameworks are – Web2Py, TurboGears, CherryPy, Bottle, etc.

Python for Automation

Python is great language to automate day to day computer tasks. Simple scripts can be programmed in python for automating the regular boring tasks, which can save a lot of time of the users and increase their work efficiency and productivity. Python modules like PyAutoGUI can be used for automating the tasks of keyboard and mouse. The daily tasks can also be reviewed through these tasks. Some popular python modules used in automation includes Selenium, BeautifulSoup, PyAutoGUI, Requests, JSON etc.

Python For Machine Learning & AI

Python has become the top programming language for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models. Python provides the consistency and simplicity required for AI models and ML followed by some best frameworks. The python syntax is easy to understand and meaningful, which makes it ideal for Artificial Intelligence projects. Some popular Python frameworks for Machine Learning and AI includes TensorFlow, Torch, Skikit-Learn, Apache Singa etc.

Python for Game Development

Python isn’t an ideal language for developing games due to its slow speed. However it does have some good libraries for game development like PyGame, Pyglet, Pandas3D etc. which can be used for developing simple GUI based desktop games. Python’s simplicity can be used as an advantage for learning the fundamentals of game development. After learning basic game development through python, one can jump into language like C or C++.

Python for Desktop Applications

Python is an interactive programming language with support for GUI development. Python provides various frameworks and modules which can be used for developing interactive desktop applications for multiple operating systems. Some of the best python modules which provide assistance for developing desktop applications includes PyQt, Tkinter, Kivy, PyGUI etc.

Python for Network Administration

Python can also be used for complex network tasks like network administration, network automation, etc. Python is the leading programming language for Software Defined Networking. Python increases the efficiency and flexibility of network systems, by easing their configuration and administration. Socket is one of the most widely used python module for networking tasks.


Python is easy to learn programming language thats why if you are working on any project in python you don’t have to create your own big lengthy function you can use modules that are already created by other developers. Python makes work easy and understanding the python is easy as reading a english paragraph.