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ES File Explorer (MOD, Premium) is an application that helps manage your device’s files and integrates with a cleaning feature to remove unnecessary files

Smartphones are an indispensable device for every person in the digital and digital era today. They support you a lot in your daily life and in your work. Your phone can support various things like they can be communications equipment, alarm clock, notes … and many other features that you can not count at all. One of the most useful features at work is the storage and management of files to send and receive. Usually, there is a manufacturer-built management application inside the device for easy use. But the downside of this application is that there will be some files that it can not extract as Zip files or Rar names. So users often choose a third-party management application for ease of use, but there are too many applications of this category and you do not know which one to choose.

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Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily

Introducing you for an application that has been around for a long time and still receives high appreciation from the majority of users. Application called ES File Explorer is the management software that is considered to be the best today. The application will greatly support your work and make your phone tidier than ever. So what are you waiting for without downloading ES File Explorer right now?

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Of course, the application is rated as the best today, it must have special features to make it stand out from all, let’s find out what it is.

ES File Explorer Premium Mod Technical ATG

File Management

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The application allows you to do almost all of the files stored on your computer to more easily manage your own way. Actions that can be performed such as Multiple Select, Move, Create, Delete … and many more are created by the creative team to accompany the application. In addition, the application also allows the link between the phone and Laptop or vice versa. This means you can use the Laptop to manage all the files stored on your phone and can customize it anytime you want.

Application Management

Not only allows users to manage common files such as .doc, .mp3 … the application also allows you to manage other applications. Such as installing downloaded apps files or removing preinstalled applications.

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The application also has a function to assist in cleaning up unnecessary waste in the machine to make it run smoother. Occasionally there will be notices that remind you to clean up if your garbage is too much. The app also filters you for documents with similar content, similar photos, or underexposed or too bright, which makes it unclear … and you will choose to delete.

ES File Explorer Premium Mod Technical ATG

Cloud Storage

Normally in other applications, it only works on the device’s available memory only, if you want to get data on cloud storage or transfer to it, you must exit the application. But for our application, you can freely move between machine memory and cloud memory such as “Google Drive”, “DropBox” … This feature helps users save Lots of device memory.

File Transfer

The application allows users to use it as a communication device, you can transfer files such as documents, images, music … and especially without any limit on the capacity and file type. You can send files between phones or even between phones and laptops or PCs. To communicate, users only need to connect Bluetooth, but now, regardless of the device whether a laptop or PC has this feature. This is convenient for your work in an emergency without a cable to connect the two devices together.

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Designed by the application’s design team based on 2 main colors, white and blue, though not too prominent but makes users feel comfortable to use. It has only 1 unique tab but summarizes all its features on this tab. The main interface – Home, will display information about ROM memory and RAM at the top of the tab, the information will be displayed as a percentage. Users can click to take a closer look at what is already in the ROM or clean up RAM to make the machine work smoother. Right below will be the categories to manage such as Images, Videos, Audio … The interface is designed to be intuitive so that users can easily get used to it immediately.

ES File Explorer Premium Mod Technical ATG

Download ES File Explorer now to manage the content on your device, everything will be simpler thanks to the help of the application.

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