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What is a url shortener?

There are a lot of ways for earning money online, one of them is using a link shortener with the highest CPM rate.

If you are searching for the best url shortener in India then your search ends here. In this article you will get to know about the best url shortener with $7.5 CPM rate and $0.5 minimum payout!

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There are a lot of link shorteners on the Internet that can help you earn money by shortening your link, but finding a link shortener with the highest CPM rate is very difficult, but no worries, I am here to help you out with that and tell you about the best url shortener with the highest CPM rate and minimum payout rate.

What Are CPM Rates In Link Shortener?


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You might be thinking that what is a CPM rate if you are new to link shorteners. So let me answer your question.

CPM rate also known as Cost Per Mille Rate is the amount you earn per 1000 views on your links. I can vary upon shorteners, and a url shortener can be categorised as ‘good’ by the CPM rate it provide.

Which Is The Best Url Shortener In India?

The best url shortener in India is ATG Links . It is the highest paying link shortener in India.
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I am calling it the best because, in this url shortener you get a CPM rate of $7.5 in India!

So, if you are a Indian user and searching for a good url shortener to make money online then you should go for it. You get a variety of payment methods with a minimum payout of only $0.5!

Payment Methods With Minimum Payout Of ATG Links :

CPM Rate (Cost Per 1000 Views) : $7.5(India) = $1 = ₹76

Paytm Wallet : Minimum Payout – $1

Google Pay : Minimum Payout – $1

UPI : Minimum Payout – $1.00

Phone Pe : Minimum Payout – $1

Bank Transfer : Minimum Payout – $5

Bitcoin : Minimum Payout – $10

Google Play Gift Card : Minimum Payout – $0.5

You get the facility of daily payments and also you get your payment within 8 Hours!

ATG Links Referral System

ATG Links also provides a facility of earning extra income through their referral system. You can earn 15% of your friend’s earning for life. So if you have a good network of friend circle then you can invite them and earn 15% of your friend’s earning for life!

Hope this article helped you in finding the best url shortner. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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