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RTS TV is the #1 pocket Tv application for Android users, mainly developed to revolutionize Android Tv apps. It’s an entirely free video streaming app that will bring TV channels to your phone, which are more than 1000. And TV channels are not limited to any specific region because they contain local & international television channels. So, if you are willing to convert your phone into mini TV, download this AI and small app.



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Apps are boundless on the web, but very few can win the user’s trust, and RTS TV is one of them. One can access different content on this platform, including Movies, Dramas, Shows, Cartoons, Radio, religious programs, and much more. But the most loving feature of the platform is the live streaming of Sports events. Without paying any cost, you can stream all Cricket, Football, and other sports event remotely on your smartphone for free via WIFI or data connection. An event like IPL (Indian Premier League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), T20 World Cup, Asia CUP, BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), and other essential leagues and upcoming events as well.

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