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Malloc Privacy & Security VPN Mod APK is one application that protects your access extremely high and safe.

 App Name Malloc Privacy & Security VPN
 Publisher Malloc Privacy
 Genre Tools
 Size 39M
 Latest Version 2.68
 MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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That way you avoid the invasion of unsafe software. Besides, the application also supports scanning and removing malware and increasing your device’s security. In addition, the application also prevents bullshit ads for you to have a more enjoyable experience. Users also enjoy an extremely eye-catching interface with excellent features and design.


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With the application’s data scanning feature, you can detect unhealthy software and vulnerabilities of security keys. This allows you to detect and review important permissions on your device in a timely manner. From there, users can take appropriate measures and remove spyware from their devices. You also reset new passwords or can use many different forms of security. Users try to keep their private information secure from the intrusion of others.

Besides, with VPN Data Shield, you can protect your data more securely. This feature will help prevent bullshit information sent to you. At the same time, they also secure information to avoid that information is leaked to the outside or sent to spyware. Malloc Privacy & Security VPN prevents the appearance of spam ads to give you an extremely safe and healthy experience. In addition, the application blocks data sent to cryptocurrency mining software and adult websites.

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Malloc VPN – VPN application that keeps you away from problems related to web browsing

The demand for anonymous and secure browsing is increasing day by day, especially when there are many incidents related to user data leakage. Therefore, this is also the right time for you to use a protection application like Malloc VPN. This application will ensure that your device will always have the optimal browsing experience with the highest level of security. As a result, this product from the publisher Malloc Privacy has quickly received the love of many users. You should try downloading the app through Google Play or the APK link below to use it right away.

Surf the web safely and anonymously

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The user’s surfing process in Malloc VPN will be completely anonymous and free of any spyware that can be tracked. More specifically, this app will give your Android device an IP address instead of the actual IP. This will make your browsing process completely anonymous but still ensure the most optimal internet connection speed. As a result, you can easily access geo-restricted websites and ensure privacy while browsing.

Scan your device for security issues

Security issues on your Android device will be detected most quickly thanks to the in-depth scanning engine available in the app. This will ensure that your device will always be closely monitored in all situations. When there is any problem, the scanner in the application will immediately notify the user. Besides giving a notification, the system will automatically disconnect from websites that contain dangerous elements to protect the data on your device.

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No activity logs

Although it requires access to certain permissions on your Android device, Malloc VPN does not log any activity on your device at all. When using this application, you do not need to log in by creating an account that can be used immediately. Also, it has a commitment not to interfere with any online operations during the user’s browsing process. Therefore, all relevant information is guaranteed the most optimal level of security.

Monitor dashboard

This is one of the features that many users are interested in when using Malloc VPN. With the help of this app, you can easily find out about the time of related activities on your Android device. Just swipe to the left of the screen and you can get reports or add apps to the whitelist instantly.

At the same time, you can also access the Permissions Manager to check which apps have access to the camera or camera. Here, you can control all apps that are illegally accessing the camera or recording feature on your device. Disabling or removing applications that compromise security is a necessary action.

Block websites effectively

As mentioned, websites on the internet environment have a lot of dangers, especially problems related to data leakage activities. Malloc VPN understands that. So it has the DataShield feature to ensure that your device will be safe from any spyware. When detecting potentially harmful websites, the system will completely disable your activities on that website. At the same time, shielding capabilities are constantly updated to ensure all activities are always safe.

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Sophisticated interface design

The intuitive design of Malloc VPN’s interface will make you feel comfortable right from the first use. The parameters are presented in detail on the screen. As a result, you can understand the workings of this application as well as the browsing process on your Android device. The color system is also very diverse with alternating light and dark tones that will definitely not make you feel disappointed. Overall, the interface of this application is designed extremely well, enough to make any player feel satisfied.


To secure your data information, the application tries to capture and track the applications that send your data. The application monitors the process by which it sends your information, sees where it is sent, and sees the security of information in those domains. Not only that, the app also helps you keep track of which apps use the camera.

At the same time, it also automatically mutes the device’s microphone to improve security and avoid cases of eavesdropping. Users are free to surf the web without having to worry about security issues or information leakage. The app allows you to connect to a private VPN server to hide your activity platform from evil actors. In order for the information not to be leaked out, the application has created a no-logs feature. As a result, your visits and searches will not be recorded, and your data information will be more secure and more comfortable to find and access.


Besides the above great features, the application also allows you to check the applications with access to the camera and microphone. You can also know the exact time of using the device’s camera. Malloc Privacy & Security VPN creates shortcuts to help you whitelist apps more quickly and easily. The application also supports sending notifications when a device tries to log in and retrieve them. Not only that, you also know which domains are blocked or restricted. The application creates for you an extremely new and wonderful experience space. It is always trying to create more new useful features to be able to meet the needs and desires of users. Users can access websites with high security while enjoying an eye-catching design.

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